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 Application 70 Shaman Elemental Pvp specc

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PostSubject: Application 70 Shaman Elemental Pvp specc   Sat Aug 11, 2007 10:59 pm

Heylo Numb!

Last night i was looking at your Guild Armory, And saw that you didnt have An Elemental shaman, so thought this could be my shot, So Here goes.

My name is Peter Arnth Tuborgh Nielsen, im 13 years old, becomming 14 on saturday. Im from denmark, living in a small town called Aabenraa, Currently im at 8th grate in basic school. The most of my spare time goes to WoW, Friends and Golf. Tho i prio Wow more than golf Wink
And ive spend 6 years of my life living in America, so dont hope english talking is gonna be a problem for me.

Maby you think my age is quite young, but, i can stand 100 % in for, that im behaving maturely and nice. Not all young guys are Childish and babies whining and behaving stupid. You could ask in my old guild "Stasis" how i behaved and was.

Ingame Info:
Character Name: Christiinexx
Class: Shaman
Race: Draenei
Spec: Elemental Pvp Specc
Gear: Heres my armory
I do know that my gear isnt the best. and im trying to improve it all the time. atm im farming honor Non-stop. and within a few days ill be hoping for all the veteran stuff, then i might take some of the GM, so get the Greenies away and get a set bonus maby.. So im working my ass of to get better gear Wink Tho i tried to fill up the sucky gear with Resi/Stam Gems, atm i got 2k gold standing ready for enchant and gems Wink

/played time: Since my Shaman is started after tbc its only 11 days. But i got 132 days played on my Priest "Droningan"

How active playing are you?
write your online times:
After i started in school on wednesday my play times will be like this

Monday: 1430 - 2300 maby 1-2 hours off doing home work and eating
Tuesday: 1900 - 2300
Wednesday: 1430 - 2300
Thursday: 1430 - 2300
Friday: 1430 - 2300
Weekend: A bit random, due to golf play and essay writing, but mostly ill be playing WoW in weekends, and all the nights.

Why do you wana join Numb?:
Im looking for a guild that got the same interrest that me, and some friends to do premades and other events with. Hopefully you wont take as much off my time as my previous pve guild. But ofc, i wont be slacking or inactive, thats not what im saying ^^

Why did you leave your previus guild:?
I growed tired of endless instance raiding, and didnt wanna fill out a spot that could be used by another. so i decided to leave.

Do you know any in the guild?:
Weck! <3 hes my lover boy :p

What can you offer Numb?
I can offer an Active pvp Shaman, joining all premades available, alot of fun times on Ventrilo/Teamspeak, and got 375 alch 375 tailoring 350 LW 375 skinning if you should need anything from that Wink

What is your old PvP experience(lifetime)?

My old PvP expirence was Seargent Major, i know it sounds silly :p but after they changed the system ive began to pvp alot. i Know how to run premades in both AB / Wsg, Dont know Eos yet, but you guys could teach me. So i see my own experiences pretty good.

Think it was all, hope you will take my Apply serious even though my age.
Have fun, catch you guys later.

If i forgot something or you wanna know more, feel free to /W me ingame Mail, or here Wink

Ps. I can have a big temper when i loose and die in Bg, but i promise, it wont effect you.
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PostSubject: Re: Application 70 Shaman Elemental Pvp specc   Sat Aug 11, 2007 11:02 pm

Im Currently at

9/33 Bade of Justice, For my Mazthoril Honor Shield. And 26/50 Spirit Shard For my Seal of the Exorcist.

Sorry but your edit button is quite hard to find.
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PostSubject: Re: Application 70 Shaman Elemental Pvp specc   Sun Aug 12, 2007 9:35 am

That's a nice application mate and as far as i can see you've spend a lot time and effort in making it.

First of all we already have an elemental shaman, Torroja, and considering the fact that you don't have any arena gear nor that much honor gear, we don't need you. Though i hope to see you in future premades and battlegrounds Wink

- Daanzka
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PostSubject: Re: Application 70 Shaman Elemental Pvp specc   

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Application 70 Shaman Elemental Pvp specc
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