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 Aikido - 70 Night Elf Hunter

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PostSubject: Aikido - 70 Night Elf Hunter   Sun Aug 12, 2007 10:02 am

IRL info:

Name: Thomas
Country: Denmark
Age: 17
Job/education: High school
What are you spending you sparetime on?: WoW as much as i can.

Ingame Info:

Name: Aikido
Class: Hunter
Race: Night Elf
Spec: 7/45/9 - Burst damage for PvP, considering a respec to get more CC and HP.
Gear: I still use my PvE gear that i got with my previous guild, but I just started farming honor, so maybe already tomorrow I will get my 2min PvP trinket, and the rest of Veteran gear is getting farmed right away.
/played time: 110 days

How active a player are you?
As long as it is allowed I will be online every time I have time for myself, which means generally when i come home from school at about 14:00-15:00 until about 19:00. Unfortunately I don't know exactly when I will be finishing school since I havn't started it yet, but after having eat around 21:00, I hope to online until going to bed. In the weekends I probably have all day.


Why do you wanna join Numb?:
Because PvP is the optimal part of WoW. It is way more flexible than doing raids, much more fun, soloable and cheap aswell Smile It is variable, you get challenged and your skills is a greater part of your play. And mostly, I would like to have a guild that shares and dedicates their time for the same interest as me.

Why did you leave your previus guild:?
I havn't been in a serious guild for 4 mounths, but previously I have been in Infinity. I had been raiding with them from the very beginning, but in the end I became a burden for me to raid, I got tired of it and didn't found no pleasure in anymore. Also, because of the raid times, it got alot in my way for my RL.

What can you offer Numb?
110 days of experience on my hunter, skills and activity. Hopefully I will also be needed on one of your arena teams, because currently I havn't got any serious, only some with friends and randoms.

What is your old PvP experience(lifetime)?
I became knight-lieutenant when farming Exalted in AV.

I hope this application meets your requirements, feel free to ask questions, I will gladly answer them Smile

Looking forward to hear from you,

- Aikido
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PostSubject: Re: Aikido - 70 Night Elf Hunter   Sun Aug 12, 2007 10:44 am

As far as i can see on your armory profile, you have 0 honor rewards and 0 gladiator/merciless items which is very unfortunate since you need to stack resillience, HP etc. in order to be in the top of PvP.
Considering the fact that you have done zero PvP in season 1 aswell as season 2 and even still has lvl 60 gear i don't see any reason why we shouldn't decline this application.

But thanks for taking your time to make a dedicated application and putting alot of effort in making it.

- Daanzka
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PostSubject: Re: Aikido - 70 Night Elf Hunter   Sun Aug 12, 2007 11:31 am

Sorry for the trouble, but I have been doing arena in season 1 and especially in season two aswell. Armoury must have bugged, because I do have 53 resillence, 9117 HP and I have spent 3750 arena points on the Merciless 2H axe.
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PostSubject: Re: Aikido - 70 Night Elf Hunter   Fri Aug 17, 2007 11:11 pm

Still, 3.5k arena points isn't that much, and 53 resilience is close to nothing. 9k hp isn't much either.

When you havent even spent the time you need to get some honor items (preferably all of them) I don't see why you should belong in a guild that focuses on being a top notch PvP-guild.

Having a PvP guild is not all about having premades to run around in battlegrounds with, and therefore we seek to get players that remark themselves in a special way and shows alot of dedication and effort getting the best gear possible, and strive to be one of the best of their class Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Aikido - 70 Night Elf Hunter   

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Aikido - 70 Night Elf Hunter
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