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PostSubject: premades   premades Icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2007 2:45 am

Irl info:
name:Marius Andersen Tronstad
Job/education:CNC operator
What are you spending you sparetime on?:mostly girls, party and drinking, driving my car around, and play some computer in the afternoons.

Ingame Info:




Spec:currently deep frost. in lack of hp and more versatile playstyle. changes from day to day nowadays though, depending on what i do
Gear: ( armory link prefeable)ok since the armory is bugged 2k3 a link atm will be hard, my gear is mostly pve gear,,, however with some premades up and running from day to day, gear comes fast, i do not have any resiliesce thats worth bragging about or hp / armor, however i can dish out dmg like shit ! eheh,, not so compatible for arena gaming just yet, so thats why i apply to premades only as of now

/played time: dont remember atm, think i have about 90 days or so. will update when i get home !

How aktiv playing are you?
write your online times:whenever i feel like it and when something is happening im there. had about 80 % attendance in The Axemen while doing my pve thingy which requires more time than mere pvp. however i work untill 16:00 every weekday.

Why do you wana join Numb?:
because i know a few guys in here. and i want to merely have some fun while pvping! all those random groups make me wanna shoot myself in the brains!

Why did you leave your previus guild:?
took up too much of my time and i grew sick of pve after 2 years... only real guilds ive been in is Synthetic(about 7 months)
and The Axemen (about 9 months)

What can you offer Numb?
laughs and giggles on vt, if i may say so a skilled mage, both pvp and pve wise.

What is your old PvP experience(lifetime)?
unclear question too me. however i never really focused on pvp. have been duelling outside IF since 1802. obtained rank 9 (knight-champion)
and hooking up with premades from borked, twl, axemen, (old synthetic)
between raids.
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PostSubject: Re: premades   premades Icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2007 3:02 am

ok feeling like an idiot that dont know how to edit -.-
anyways heres the armory link:
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PostSubject: Re: premades   premades Icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2007 3:12 am

ok this is weird. cant get the link to work! a mare hotlink wont show. and with using the "link" button on start and on the end dont work either so,, however easy too look me up ! just go to the armory, searc for character: Amelia. im the one on the top actually ;b female mage from ravencrest in cyclone battlegroup
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PostSubject: Re: premades   premades Icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2007 3:03 pm

hello amelia, we will take in in consideration.

but we would like you too get at least some honer pvp gear. if you dont wanna "grind" for it with out a preemade, thats kinda slacky i would say. 80% of my honer comes from random runs. thos weekends <3. preemades are imba but you cant have one all the time Wink

and im sure we can look on the armory the normal way so dont worrie. or inspect ingame Smile

As i said ill talk it over with the others and replay within the nearest days Smile
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PostSubject: Re: premades   premades Icon_minitime

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